A dynamic multi-chain decentralized digital asset exchange
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Portfolio Overview: View the value of your wallet across multiple chains.
Watchlist: Track any token with ease.
News Section: Stay updated with the latest Fispere news.
User Guides: Learn how to effectively use the Dashboard.
Enhanced UI: Streamlined trading experience with a new interface.
Chart View: Analyze token performance and metrics.
Flexible Trading: Support for market, limit, and TWAP orders.
Integrated Portfolio and Watchlist: Seamless user experience.
Swap Guides: Detailed instructions for trading features.
Buy Crypto with Fiat
Coinbase Pay Integration: Purchase assets via Coinbase.
MoonPay Support: Buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards.
Buying Guides: Step-by-step instructions for purchasing crypto.
POOL & FARM Interface
Comprehensive Overview: View all token pairs, Pools, Farms, and Super Farms.
SuperFarms: High-yield farming options.
Personal Pools: Summary of user-owned pools.
Pool Creation and Import: Create and import pools easily.
Pool & Farm Guides: Detailed user assistance.
Single-Side Staking: Earn rewards by staking FIS tokens.
Staking V1 and V2: Options including Sunshine & Rainbows (SAR) staking.
Staking Guides: Informative resources on staking processes.
Decentralized Decision-Making
Vote on key platform proposals with FIS tokens.
Voting Guides: Detailed explanations of the voting and delegation process.
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